Boao Forum for Asia Innovation Report 2023 Press Conference is Successfully Convened in Guangzhou

On 10 January morning, the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) holds the Innovation Report 2023 Press Conference at the Guangzhou International Campus, South China University of Technology. The report analyzes the trends and challenges of global science, technology and innovation over the past year, focusing on the development of cutting-edge science and technology in the world today, in particular the status and role of Asian science, technology and innovation in global science, technology and innovation. Zafar Uddin Mahmood, Policy Advisor to the Secretary General of Boao Forum for Asia hosts the press conference, Li Baodong, the Secretary General of Boao Forum for Asia publishes the innovation report, Zhang Xichun, Secretary of the CPC Committee of South China University of Technology delivers a speech, Guan Yonghong, Representative of innovation report writing team; Director, Institute of Intellectual Property Research, School of Law, South China University of Technology interprets the innovation report. Xu Xiangmin, Vice President of South China University of Technology, Chen Xiaoqi, Dean, Shien-Ming Wu School of Intelligent Engineering, South China University of Technology; Fellow, Royal Society of New Zealand, Gu Qizhi, Vice President of Patent Protection Association of China; President of Guangdong Knowledge Economy Development Promotion Association, Fu Fan, Director of Intelligent Interaction, vivo, Cheng Zhong, Leader of Deloitte China Technology Media & Telecommunication; Leader of Deloitte China Consulting Emerging Technology Offering, Doranda Doo, President of Guangdong Artificial Intelligence Industry Association; Executive Chairman of GBA Industry and Commerce Federation in Hong Kong share their insightful views in roundtable discussion.

Li Baodong said, that in 2023 significant changes that have not been witnessed for a century are accelerating development, global governance system faces multifold challenges. On the other hand, the new round of sci-tech revolution and industrial transformation are deepening and developing, the global innovation layout has been profoundly adjusted, and sci-tech innovation is driving the development of human society at an unprecedented speed. 

Li Baodong summarized the worldwide situations and trends in cutting-edge technology development. First, in the “big triangle” pattern of global sci-tech innovation, the position of Asian innovation has been further strengthened and stabilized. Second, global sci-tech innovation focuses on digital intelligence technology and the Asian capacity of digital intelligence technology is world-leading. Third, countries enhance the “top-level design” of science and technology and attach importance to leading in frontier technology globally. Fourth, as global competition in frontier science and technology is intensifying, science and technology ecology faces integration and reconstruction in significant changes. Fifth, as global scientific and technological innovation capacity continues to improve, the supervision of scientific and technological innovation risks requires a comprehensive approach.

Zhang Xichun said, that high-level research universities are the main compositions of national strategic scientific and technological strength and should shoulder the responsibility and mission of achieving independence and self-improvement with top-notch technology. As a “double first-class” university with advantages in industry, South China University of Technology takes on the responsibility and focuses on the mission of “studying and researching for a strong country construction”, actively explores a new talent cultivation mode, gathers strength to carry out original pioneering scientific and technological research, and strives to be the vanguard of higher education development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. He emphasized, that South China University of Technology will continue to cooperate with the Boao Forum for Asia, pay particularly close attention to global trends in scientific and technological innovation, stand at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation, advocate the leadership of scientific and technological innovation in the current era, act as an inspirer and cheerleader for the continuous enhancement of Asia's scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and persistently promote Asia to be the fuel to drive the global economy development during cooperation and development.

Guan Yonghong interpreted the report from four aspects. First is his comprehensive analysis of five main trends in global scientific and technological innovation development: the new landscape of regional nation sci-tech innovation development, the sci-tech innovation accelerator composed of discipline gathering, the digital intelligence technology which becomes a prominent area in sci-tech innovation, applications of science and technology in life health industry, and significant changes of science and technology ecology caused by intense competition. Second is the five trends in the distribution of global patent results: the number of patent applications with high value has reached the historical peak, the number of digital technology PCT patent applications is at the top rank, science and technology enterprises lead the applications of patent with high value, the number of patent applications of East Asia keeps increasing, and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area leads other bay areas in the number of patent applications. Third is the interpretation of three major trends in global sci-tech industry development: frontier sci-tech technological innovation results accelerate the layout of industrialization, inputs from major economies are on a growth path, and Asia’s scientific and technological innovation industry clusters lead the world. Fourth is the introduction of four racetracks of global sci-tech innovation industries: AI big model technology, organoid field, nuclear power generation industry, and third-generation semiconductor materials. And the Asia-Pacific region is a key output area for four racetracks.

Delegates at the conference paid close attention to the global trend in global sci-tech innovation development and had the same consensus that sci-tech innovation is the significant power to promote the development of human society and civilization form. Xu Xiangmin said, that AI enables proactive health and the key to proactive health is the transformation of medical health mode driven by data. He hoped to use the “Chinese model” to solve the world’s problem of high-quality health for the whole population. Chen Xiaoqi said, that the advancing development of robot technology and AI make intelligent and autonomous robots possible. In the future, intelligent interactive service robots will be a necessary part of family and society. Gu Qizhi said, that the active promotion of transfer and transformation of patents with high value can not only achieve high-level development in the sci-tech innovation field but also support the practice of innovation results in reality. Fu Fan said, that the key to achieving AI inclusion through AI technology is to promote the popularity and affordability of the technology to ensure that it delivers tangible benefits to all levels of society and promotes sustainable development on a global scale. Cheng Zhong said, that the three enhancement forces (interaction, information, arithmetic) and three foundational forces (technology business, core modernization, network and trust) remain the cornerstone on which technology trends are built. Doranda Doo said, that the opportunity brought to society by AI is unprecedented. The development of Big Models promotes the application of intelligence. Guan Yonghong said, that an effective and reasonable inspiration system can reduce the risks brought by frontier technology innovation and applications.

The Boao Forum for Asia Innovation Report 2023, jointly completed by the Boao Forum for Asia Research Institute and South China University of Technology, has attracted wide attention from all sectors at home and abroad. More than 200 people from Hong Kong, Macao, Guangdong, representatives from academia, enterprises and media, including Li Guangtao, Executive Director of Boao Forum for Asia International Science, Technology and Innovation Forum Conference Organizing Committee, Harley Seyedin, President of AmCham South China, and He Zhiqiang, President of the Greater Bay Area Development Committee of Boshi Think Tank Research Institute, attended the release conference.

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