International Science, Technology and Innovation Forum of Boao Forum for Asia

Since the 21st century, the world has witnessed unprecedented intensification and dynamism in science,technology and innovation, and a new round of sci-tech revolution and industrial transformation is profoundly changing the world. However, the world is still confronted with many economic, social and environmental problems and challenges. STI are powerful means to address these problems and challenges and important forces to promote sustainable development of the world. Countries and regions around the world consider innovation promotion and deepening of international sci-tech exchanges and cooperation as significant means to enhance independent innovation capabilities and internationalcompetitiveness. This poses new requirements and challenges to global sci-tech governance, and thus the rules and systems need to be reshaped and improved.

Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out that science and technology is the primary productive force and innovation is the first driving force leading development. Facing the opportunities and challenges of world economic and social development, developing countries represented by China adhere to pursuing the path of independent innovation and demonstrate their innovative strength in a number of sci-tech fields, gradually becoming significant global innovation powers.

At present, Boao Forum for Asia is at a time of reform, innovation and carrying forward the cause pioneered by predecessors and forging ahead into the future. Focusing on Asia and facing the world, BFA has always maintained its role as an economic forum. At the same time, it has kept abreast of the times and actively expanded to new economic forms and cutting-edge international topics such as health, science, technology and innovation, education, culture and media. Under the circumstances, aiming to build a comprehensive and high-level dialogue and cooperation platform in the fields of sci-tech innovation for the political, business and academic communities, BFA has decided to hold the International Science, Technology and Innovation Forum to better promote international exchanges and cooperation in STI fields, advance the building of a new framework of global governance of science and technology, and contribute to the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda for SDGs of the United Nations.


Session 1

Capital Boosts Scientific and Technological Innovation

Session 2

5G Application and 6G Prospect

Session 3

Genetic Engineering and Biomedicine

Session 4

Artificial Intelligence and the Great Intelligence Age

Session 5

From Molecular Design to Materials Application

Session 6

Digital Building, Future City

Session 7

Science, Technology and Innovation Propels Global Public Health Security

Session 8


Session 9

Industrialization Exploration and Strategic Upgrading under Industry 4.0

Pass Review

The First Conference of International Science, Technology and Innovation Forum of Boao Forum for Asia


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