Session: 5G Application and 6G Prospect

On September 28, Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) held the Second Conference of International Science, Technology and Innovation Forum (ISTIF). As a major forum of the conference this year, the session “5G Application and 6G Prospect” was successfully held.

The session was hosted by Guoqing Hu, head of the 5G group at Peking University Shenzhen Research Institute and director of Guangdong Institute of Frontier Science and Technology. Six experts from leading enterprises, universities and research institutes in communications, through online and offline interaction, discussed the current status of research and development of key 5G hardware and software technologies and the future outlook of 6G development. The experts made their contribution to the "Boao wisdom" regarding accelerating the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional industries based on 5G and opening up the era of the digital economy.

Quan Xue

Quan Xue, Dean of the School of Electronics and Information Engineering of the South China University of Technology, introduced the research results of the South China University of Technology in both millimetre wave integrated circuits and antennas with the theme of "millimetre wave antennas and integrated circuits in 5G/6G mobile communications". He delivered expectations on the application of these research results that can be implemented in future communication systems.

Tianhai Chang

Tianhai Chang, Chief Architect of Huawei Access Network, delivered a speech on "FTTR Leads F5G, Creates New Hundred Billion Industry". According to Chang, FTTR (Fiber to the Room) is the second all-optical revolution for homes and buildings after the FTTx primary optical reform, which is the upgrade of the home network industry and technology. As a result, home broadband is moving towards a new era of experience, which breeds huge business opportunities. There are great technological innovation opportunities in C-WAN network architecture, RF and antenna, communication algorithms, artificial intelligence, etc. FTTR will not only be a new blue ocean for industry, but also for academic innovation.

Xiangyang Duan

Xiangyang Duan, Vice President and General Manager of Wireless Architecture of Zhongxing Telecom Equipment, elaborated on the 5G-enabled industry and 6G continuous innovation. He pointed out that the current application of 5G in various industries is at the edge of the period from exploration to an explosion. This period requires continuous innovation in mobile communication technologies and solutions, and continuous iteration with a deeper understanding of the industry as well as industry needs and applications. At the same time, he proposed that 6G is likely to be the scenario for the smart connection of everything and he with his team will continue to investigate with 6G as the target.

Lili Tan

Lili Tan, General Manager of the Product R&D Center of China Mobile Group Guangdong Company, introduced the overall situation of Guangdong Mobile’’s 5G digital intelligence technology to help the development of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area. She depicted the blueprint of 5G-6G technology research and industry application development with the “New Three”, that is, "new trend, new momentum, new outlook". Tan believed that the only constant in the continuous development of technology will be the win-win cooperation, so CMGD will enhance cooperation, effective linkage and a winning future with the government units in charge, both the upstream and downstream industry chains, research institutes and other related organizations.

Chengbin Yu

Chengbin Yu, Member of the Macao Committee for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development, Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, also the Chairman of the Founding Institute of Industrial Technology of Macau, shared his view on "5G industry lights up the digital future - analogue technology breaks through the bottleneck of core creation". Yu believed that 5G and 6G mark a leap from the interconnection of everything to the smart connection of everything. They are the further expansion from serving people and things to supporting the efficient interconnection of intelligent bodies and will also be the link between the real physical world and the virtual digital world, thus improving the quality of life and promoting the development of social transformation.

Fusheng Zheng

Fusheng Zheng, President of Guangdong New Generation Communications & Networks Innovation Institute, delivered a speech on "A fully distributed network architecture for 5G-A/6G with air-space integration". Zheng pointed out that with the further development of 5G, various industries have put forward higher demands on the future 5G-A/6G network architecture, including higher reliability, lower latency, and ubiquitous connectivity across space and time. By constructing a fully distributed and diffuse fog core network, the network layers will be greatly simplified and break through the key bottlenecks of architecture latency, reliability, scalability and diversity in traditional mobile Internet. As a result, it will better enable typical scenarios such as high-mobility telematics, immersive telemedicine and satellite internet.