President of the general assembly of the United Nations: multilateral system plays a role

       On April 20, President of the general assembly of the United Nations, Mr. bozkor, attended and addressed the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia annual meeting 2021. He said the novel coronavirus pneumonia has changed our lives and brought pressure to the economies of all countries. Although we still face many challenges, we have already begun to see hope. At this critical moment, the multilateral system is playing a role.

       At present, the world is carrying out the largest scale vaccination in history, and all countries have formulated social and economic recovery plans. In every corner of the world, people are looking forward to building a beautiful home. It is not easy to meet these needs, and the test of multilateralism has never been so severe. But we are ready for the test. With the support of multilateral institutions and forums at different levels, we will be able to build a better world after the epidemic, which is guided by the goal of sustainable development and based on the principles of equality, equity, resilience and sustainability.

      Fortunately, we have laid a solid foundation. Asia’’s strong economies and continuous economic integration have promoted economic growth and provided impetus for sustainable development. The one belt, one road partnership and other initiatives, which are linked to the 2030 sustainable development agenda and local and national development plans, provide great opportunities for expanding trade and promoting sustainable development.

      Bo highly appreciates the signing of RCEP in November last year, which is conducive to expanding regional trade and investment, promoting global economic growth and development, and strengthening solidarity among countries and people in the region.